3 FOBs will be constructed by NCRTC at New Ashok Nagar

The Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) station in New Ashok Nagar is where the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) announced that it would build three foot-over bridges (FOB) to ensure multimodal connectivity.

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NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): Multimodal integration is the guiding principle of NCRTC for the implementation of RRTS. It has planned the RRTS stations in such a way that they can be integrated with the already present public mode of transport wherever possible to facilitate seamless commuter travel. New Ashok Nagar RRTS station is one very pertinent example of this where connectivity is the key design aspect and will be showcased with three Foot-Over Bridges (FOBs) planned at this station for seamless convenience.

New Ashok Nagar RRTS station is being constructed in very close vicinity to the already operational New Ashok Nagar Metro Station, the distance between them being merely 100 meters. To integrate both modes, NCRTC will provide a 90-meter-long and 6-meter-wide FOB to connect the RRTS Station and Metro station. The height of the FOB will be around 8 meters from the ground.

This FOB will help the commuters to change and commute through either of these transport modes without exiting the station premises. This not only helps commuters travel seamlessly and stress-free but also helps prevent the overcrowding and traffic congestion caused by it, around the transport hubs. It will especially be a boon for women, the elderly and children and commuters travelling with sufficient luggage.

The height of the New Ashok Nagar RRTS station is about 22 meters. This FOB will connect the concourse level of the metro station to the floor below the concourse level of the RRTS station. The area between the AFC gate of the metro station and below the concourse level of the RRTS station where the FOB is connecting will be a non-paid area.

To provide better connectivity and access to the station with the adjoining areas, NCRTC is constructing two more FOBs at this station. On one side of the RRTS station, a 42 m long and 6.5 m wide FOB will be built to provide connectivity to the nearby areas of Chilla Village and the Mayur Vihar Extension. Apart from this, on the other side of the RRTS station, a 45-meter long and 8-meter-wide FOB will be provided near the Ancient Shiv Temple for ease of access to the people residing in the New Ashok Nagar area.

A large number of commuters are coming from Noida through the New Ashok Nagar metro station. They will be benefitted from the FOB between New Ashok Nagar RRTS and the metro station. Instead of going to Anand Vihar or Sarai Kale Khan, they will get the direct rapid rail to Meerut from New Ashok Nagar or to Airport, Gurugram or Panipat in future when all the three RRTS lines will be constructed. The interoperability of the RRTS corridors will allow commuters to travel from one corridor to another without the hassle of changing the train

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