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60% land acquired and 68% civil work tender out for bullet train project

Agency has floated 68 per cent of its civil works tenders covering 345 km out of 508 km along with a separate bid for the fabrication of 28 steel bridges for the high-speed corridor in Maharashtra.

Mumbai‚ÄďAhmedabad high-speed rail corridor
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NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): Govt two ambitious projects the first one is Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) and the second one is Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project that will transform the railway services in India will not be delayed despite the coronavirus crisis, Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav said on Wednesday.

Currently, Almost all the infrastructure projects in the nation are suffering delays due to the lockdown, linked with the lack of labour and the financial slowdown.

The completion of the DFC will decongestion the railway network For the commencement of the 151 private train services in April 2023, 

Metro Rail News Magazine

“By the time the private trains begin operations, we would have completed all our infrastructure work. We are doing a lot of infrastructure work of doubling and tripling, which would address the congestion issues that these trains might face, and he said when asked about the congestion on the trunk routes.

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed corridor which has a deadline of December 2023 has a dispute with issues from protests by landowners. The increasing cost of the project due to the widening gap between the Indian rupee and the Japanese yen, as 80% of the Rs 1 trillion needed to fund the project will come from a 20-year Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) loan. 

National High-Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL), the executing agency provided the latest status of the project. According to report, Agency has floated 68 per cent of its civil works tenders covering 345 km out of 508 km along with a separate bid for the fabrication of 28 steel bridges for the high-speed corridor in Maharashtra.

Although Joint measurement survey of land required for the project is about to complete, the Agency possesses 60% land needed for the project ( approximately 77% land in Gujarat, 80% in Dadar Nagar Haveli and 22% in Maharashtra). 

“On the other hand, physical work is still to start. However, the tendering process is on, and land acquisition is presently underway,” Yadav said.

“A pre-bid meeting to explain bidder’s query was also arranged during the lockdown period through video conferencing. The Railways’ revenue from passenger traffic has been affected due to the pandemic, and freight loading will enhance its earnings by the year-end” Said Mr. Yadav

“There is a lot of tracks available for freight trains because passenger trains are off the network. This year, freight traffic will be 50 per cent more than last years, thereby increasing the Railways’ earnings despite the pandemic. During the lockdown and even currently we are working on our infrastructure to assure that we remove bottlenecks. We have utilised this opportunity to finish 200 of our unfinished works and utilised the opportunity for multi-tracking, doubling, he said.

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  1. This project should be totally scrapped and the money spent on health care,, the train will only help businessmen from Gujerat and is a sly project of Fekuchand,, if it is needed,,, indian Railways should develop it as being vocal for local

  2. As there is opposition from maharashtra govt following alternative to be explored.
    1.reverse extension to rajkot and/ or udaipur shiuld be done both are around 200 to 250 km from Ahmedabad.
    2 the present bullet train should be upto Dahanu.
    3.From Dahanu the new quadruple project should be upgraded to run at 130 to 150 km speed.
    4 the virar panvel Alibaug project should be fastened and also be upgraded to run at 130 km speed.
    5 this will avoid costly underground tunnel to BKC and so the bullet train project can be completed faster and cost effective.
    6 Dahanu should be developed as another change over terminal.
    In future Dahanu pune and Dahanu nashik lines can be developed.
    Mumbai and mmrda areas are already congested and there is little chance to get further land for residential use for bullet train staff.
    8also office space is costly and not freely available in MMR region.
    9railway can develop large office cum residential complex in and around Dahanu for bullet train staff.
    10. Sevice and maintenance of the trains can also be done easily.
    11.extending train to udaipur and rajkot Will help develop interior areas and also help tourism.
    12 It will help 3 states in connecting.


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