9 Mumbai Metro Line 3 stations did not get buyers

The sponsors received crores of rupees to join their brand or company name to the name of 18 stations of the Metro 3 Corridor, only 9 stations of the Corridor turned away from private institutes.


Mumbai (Metro Rail News): The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) received crores of rupees for branding or naming rights for 18 stations of the Metro 3 Corridor, But private companies not shown any interest for the corridor’s nine stations, i.e. Kalbadevi, Girgaon, Grant Road, Shitala Devi, Dharavi, Vidya Nagari, Sahar Road, SEEPZ and Aare Station. On the other hand, there are 18 stations from which Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) has received 87 proposals from government and private institutions to add its name.

Many companies are also ready to spend crores of rupees to connect with more than one metro station. Officials are also stunned because of non-availability of sponsors for stations in commercial premises like Kalba Devi and SEEPZ.

Kalba Devi and SEEPZ are the largest commercial centres in Mumbai, the complex houses Mumbai’s biggest clothing, pottery and jewellery market. And, the complex houses Mumbai’s largest clothing, utensils and jewellery market. Also, offices of many big industrial houses of the country are on this campus. Surprisingly, MMRCA has not received a single proposal for Grant Road station from Kalba Devi of the corridor.

Highest offer for BKC:

Seven institutions showed interest for CSMT station nearby Kalba Devi. At the other hand, Mumbai University’s Vidyanagri station is also searching for sponsors. While most 12 companies have shown interest to connect the name with BKC station near Vidyanagar. 9 institutions for Dadar and International Airport and 7 for Domestic Airport Station have shown interest. A total of 27 stations are under construction on the route of Metro 3 corridor being built between Colaba-Bandra-Seepz. By linking the names of private institutions with the names of stations, the MMRCA is looking for additional revenue of crores of rupees. For this, MMRCAL had asked for Expression of Interest (EOI) offer for BKC.

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