Who We Are

Metro Rail News portal: Is a news portal dedicated to urban mobility solutions for the India and the world which was started in 2015. Daily based industry news is published on our portal in every early morning for readers which cover the important and very useful news from the relevant industries. Readers can also check various tenders, job opportunities, industry events etc. available throughout the country.

Metro Rail News Magazine: We also issue a monthly Magazine in both formats Digital and Print in the mid of every month. This monthly journal is exclusive, unmatched and covers everything happening in Urban Mobility sectors in India. Till now none of such publications are being issued in India which covers the news and real time data on Urban Transport systems at a single platform. This magazine provides all the latest news, information, business news, job notices and technology updates on engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) related updates from metro railways, mass rapid transit system, rapid rail, monorail, light metro rail, high speed rails, pods, sky bus, rail coach factories and other related industries in the India.

Our writers and editors are well versed and have great work experience in writing field. Highly important, unmatched and useful content are in Magazine.

Our complete dedication is to provide brief data of important news of all Urban Mobility in a detailed manner. Transportation has played a great role in Urban Development now; it has become important to know different phases of changes occur in it on daily basis.

Metro Rail News is an initiative of New Delhi based PR, Media and Advertising Company Symbroj Media Pvt. Ltd.

“I don’t think there’s a boundary between digital media and print media. Every magazine is doing an online version”  – Bill Gates