Agra Metro Stations: A Blend of Modern and Heritage Features

Its distinct rooftop design, described as 'Hyperbolic paraboloid,' is a blend of modern architecture and advanced engineering.

A station on the Agra Metro

AGRA (Metro Rail News): Agra metro stations have been designed very thoughtfully and meticulously, keeping in mind the rich cultural heritage of this city. However, the main PEB structure (rooftop) of all elevated stations deserves special mention as it is a special design feature.

As you may see, the roof projects upwards (like a saddle), which can be seen from the sides as well as from the front.
It is a unique design which may be described as a ‘Hyperbolic paraboloid structure’ that resembles the shape of a horse saddle formed by the combination of concave and convex surfaces.

Shedding light on this design inspiration, UPMRC MD Shri Sushil Kumar said,” Apart from being aesthetically suitable, this modern design has also been proven to be structurally efficient due to the capacity to cover long spans without intermediate supports. This form is a result of the culmination of modern architecture and advanced structural engineering.”

The main advantage of this design is that it is comparatively lightweight, unlike standard roof structures. Due to the versatility of this design, it can withstand a significant amount of wind load.

This design is also cost-effective, covering a large area free from intermediate columns and beams. Since this design is popular in contemporary architecture, UPMRC adopted this for Agra Metro Stations and fused this modern-day design with traditional details inside the stations like ‘Jaali’ work and ‘Marble’ work.

Agra metro stations are an accurate representation of modern architecture intermingling with the traditional and heritage theme of the city.

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