Agra Metro Update: TBM Yamuna Achieves Breakthrough 

Tunneling work for the upline ends with the TBM Yamuna achieving a breakthrough at the Taj Mahal Metro Station.

TBM Yamuna of Agra Metro Achieves Breakthrough
TBM Yamuna of Agra Metro Achieves Breakthrough

AGRA (Metro Rail News): Agra Metro TBM ‘Yamuna’ achieved its last breakthrough for the up line at Taj Mahal Metro Station after completing tunnelling work from Ramlila Maidan to Taj Mahal Metro Station. It has successfully constructed a tunnel from Ramlila Maidan (launching shaft) to the Taj Mahal Metro Station on Monday

The tunnel construction work for the Agra Metro Rail Project’s underground section is progressing quickly, and this breakthrough marks yet another milestone for the completion of the Underground section. While the civil work of all underground stations is already being carried out rapidly, the tunnel construction work is being carried out by three TBMs- Yamuna, Ganga and Shivaji. 

Speaking on the same, MD UPMRC Shri Sushil Kumar said, “This is an important milestone as complete tunnel section for up line for three stations has been completed. We are striving to commence metro operations 6 months ahead of schedule, i.e March 2024 instead of actual deadline of August 2024. The three Elevated stations & train depot are ready. The testing of metro trains is being conducted successfully on the mainline.”

The TBM breakthrough is one of the most challenging achievements in a metro project, which requires high accuracy and ultimate precision. 

The TBM was launched on 6th February by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, and has completed the tunnel construction in a record time. Shivaji TBM has constructed a tunnel to the ramp area, and the construction of an underground section of the priority corridor, Agra Metro Rail Project, has been expedited.

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