Ahmadabad Metro | Metro project still stuck with MEGA Co.

it was said that the work may start as soon as possible but it seems suspicious as the MEGA metro work is still pending and half the time has passed.

MEGA Metro Rail Project
MEGA Metro Rail Project (Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar)

Surat: The journey of metro seems too long with Metro Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA)  for the smart look, during the Metro train’s high power committee meeting in 2018, it was said that the work may start as soon as possible but it seems suspicious as the MEGA metro work is still pending and half the time has passed.

Due to changes in central government’s policies regarding the metro, DMRC had to work on renewal of its draft. The metropolitan municipal administration is focussing on a financial provision in the received draft and arranged to mobilize resources for income generation. The consultancy of Metro link express from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad (MEGA)

Unless the project is reached from MEGA to state government its difficult to proceed the work, if the project is forwarded from MEGA to state government they will renew it and after the green signal of state government, the metro file will reach the center where I will get its final approval and the only the metro work on the site will begin.

Last year, the deputy chief minister Nitin Patel had said in the meeting of hypower committee in Gandhinagar that the work of Surat metro project will start in 2018. The goal was set that, two corridors will be built by 2022 was fixed, half the time of project has passed and according to the speed of project work, people suspect that the work will start by the end of 2018.

Transportation will be three-tier

The smart transportation system in the city is being focussed by the municipal administration. The municipal administration is helpful in this project, once the metro train will start the three tires public transport service will be implemented in the city. According to CEPT survey, the traffic congestion will reduce and the public transport such as buss line and auto rickshaw will remain connecting service. The metro is expected to get a huge traffic of 2.5 million people from the day it will start.

Changes made

After the change in the policies of the center, the administration had many changes in the draft. These include the sale of properties as a metro surcharge on House tax and overload on the sale. Apart from this, the provision of FSI for the land on the metro route has also been made, for this additional financial resources will be settled by NMC for the operation of the metro.

Two corridors are proposed in the metro project in which the first corridor is 21 km which will have 20 stations and another corridor which is 18 km with 18 stations. According to the new guidelines, value capture financial provision will increase the value of properties. With the construction of metro stations commercial, the cost of the area of five hundred meters will be increased around the corridor. In the metro corridor, it will be the responsibility of the municipal corporation for building four stations.

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  1. More tan the Central Government it is the responsibility of the State to chase and finalize the pending issues and get it moving. I remember when I surveyed the LRT for Ahmadabad in the year 1978 after which the State has not taken any step to implement, if this is the attitude nothing could be achieved.


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