Amaravati Metro | AMRC issues EOI for preparation of DPR for Vijayawada Metro


Vijayawada: The Amarawati Metro Rail Corporation (AMRC) inviting expression of interest through a Germany based tender agent. The objective of this study is to prepare a detailed Feasibility Study (“Detailed Project Report”) for the city of Vijayawada through validating the MRTS-options and conclusions of the pre-feasibility assessment and assessing the different design options of a Light Metro/ LRT system for Vijayawada.

In a pre-feasibility assessment conducted in July 2017, Light Metro/Light Rail Transit was
identified as the most suitable mass transit system for Vijayawada. The system would
comprise of two corridors (26 km) initially identified for the metro, plus additional extensions as feasible (e.g. to Vijayawada Airport and another corridor of approx. 5 km).The broad indicative scope of services includes the following tasks:-

  • Validation of the mass transit system for Vijayawada based on the alternate analysis
    provided in the existing pre-feasibility assessment.
  • Route alignments and assessment of land requirement for facilities like station areas,
    electric substations, maintenance depot and construction depots
  • System requirements and technology selection
  • Identification of land requirement and the cost of acquisition (Govt. land and private land) for construction of the mass transit system and the stations and depot.
  • Estimate of requirement of rolling stock as per the above for different horizon years
  • Block cost estimates and broad arrangements for funding of the project including raising
    debts, securing external assistance, etc.
  • Environment and social impact assessment
  • Financial and Economic viability of the project including estimation of FIRR and EIRR
  • Legal and institutional arrangements;
  • Implementation and Financing framework

This project will be financed from German Development Bank (KfW) and expected duration of completion of the above task is 4 months. The last date to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) is September 28, 2017.

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