Bangalore Metro | Foot over-bridges at Majestic finally taking shape

Offering better connectivity with other modes of public transport at Majestic, Namma Metro will soon be connected with two Foot Overbrdges (FOB).

Bengaluru Metro
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Bengaluru: Offering better connectivity with other modes of public transport at Majestic, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (Namma Metro) will soon be connected with two Foot Overbridges (FOB). As per the plan two long FOBs are finally taking shape and they will be linking BMTC and KSRTC bus stations with Kempegowda Majestic Bangalore Metro station.

The FOBs are waiting to be open to public post a formal inauguration. This will be a crucial move as it will be connecting the City Railway Metro station and KSR city railway station this is on the verge of completion. This will boost integration with Bangalore Metro with other modes of transportation in the city.

With these projects becoming functional, commuters will greatly benefit from these facilities. Many commuters who have to switch several modes of transport will be able to travel hassle-free. It will be easier for passengers to alight from metro and catch other transport medium in short time.

As per Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) officials within few days the FOBs connecting the metro interchange station with the bus stands will be open for public. On the other hand the second FOB connecting the railway station with metro station would take couple of weeks before it is open for public.

BMRCL has said that they have finished their end of work and are awaiting South Western Railway (SWR) work to be completed. SWR on the other hand has assured that they will wrap work by the end of June. Once this work is completed, commuters are going to travel with ease.

Urban transport expert, Sanjeev Dyamannavar, explained that the two project with offer safer access to all the passengers. Dyamannavar stated that the FOB connecting Kempegowda Majestic Metro Interchange Station with bus station should have been completed long back. The project got delayed owing to several reasons.

Dyamannavar added that FOBs will facilitate passengers reach the Metro station from the bus terminus in within few minutes. It will also give safe entrance to passengers in comparison to the disappointingly maintained subway.

Talking about the second FOB connecting the railway with Bangalore Metro, Dyamannavar said that currently passengers have to go through an ordeal to reach platform 10 of the railway station. Passengers have to wade through garbage filled and badly lit MG Railway Colony Road. Once the FOB is open public, commuters will not have to face this problem.

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