BUDA provides a loan of Rs. 500 crore for the first phase of Patna Metro

Moreover, the Central Government has given a loan of Rs.424 crores to Patna Metro

Patna Metro
Photo Copyrighted: PMRC

PATNA, INDIA (Metro Rail News): As per the official statement given by Satish Kumar Singh, Special Secretary, the Bihar Urban Development Authority and Bihar Housing Development Authority, BUDA has passed the loan of Rs.500 crore for the First Phase of the Patna Metro Rail Project on 17 December 2021. The sanctioned amount will be used for compensating villagers whose land has been acquired for the implementation of the project.
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Moreover, the Central Government has given a loan of Rs. 424 crores.

Seventy-six acres of land have been acquired for the metro rail project and Rs. Seven hundred twenty-six crores will also be given to the landowners as compensatory.

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