BMRCL: CMRS likely to inspect Baiyappanahalli – KR Puram metro line After Sep 7

The Baiyappanahalli – KR Puram line is currently undergoing signal testing and other trial runs. All the trial-related activities are expected to be concluded by September 6.

Bengaluru Metro/ Representational image only
Bengaluru Metro/ Representational image only

BENGALURU (Metro Rail News): The long-awaited moment is approaching for Bengaluru as the launch of the crucial two-kilometre Baiyappanahalli – KR Puram stretch on the purple line is eagerly anticipated. This particular addition to the metro system is expected to significantly enhance public transportation in Whitefield and its surrounding areas. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has revealed that the inspection of this stretch by the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) team is scheduled to take place after September 7. The launch of this stretch will be done upon the successful completion of the CMRS inspection.

Shri Anjum Parvez, Managing Director of BMRCL, shared, “The Baiyappanahalli – KR Puram line is currently undergoing signal testing and other trial runs. We anticipate that all trial-related activities will conclude by September 6. Subsequent to this, the CMRS is slated to assess the metro line after September 7. Once we secure CMRS approval, we will be all set to proceed, and the awaited stretch on the purple line will finally be open for operation.”

Initially projected to be operational by July or August, the metro line experienced a delay. Baiyappanahalli to KR Pura and Kengeri to Challaghatta are the two missing links in the Purple Line. Upon opening of these stretches, the complete 43 km line will be operational.

The significance of this launch is that it will bridge the gap between KR Puram and Baiyappanahalli, spanning around two kilometers. This connection is set to link the Whitefield region with Kengeri, Challaghatta, Majestic, and various other parts of Bengaluru.

In recent developments, trial runs were successfully conducted with a six-coach metro train. This was followed by a load test on the Open Web Grinder (OWG), which had been installed atop the Indian Railways track in Bennaganahalli. All these efforts are geared towards ensuring the seamless and safe operation of the newly added metro stretch.

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  1. It is encouraging to note that the work culture in Raiways has undergone a new outlook. Delay of 1 or 2 months in a project is being discussed whereas delays of years had been a routine earlier. It costed the nation heavely on account of time overrun and consequent cost overrun besides not putting the facility for public use.
    This is what regular and constant monitoring achieve.

  2. Private Cars ,Taxis ,Autos Stand in K.R.Puram Metrostation also require prepaid Taxi and Auto Stand.


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