California High-Speed Rail Authority releases Sustainability Report of 2022

Sustainability is a core focus as we build the most technologically advanced, electrified and equitable transportation system to support the world’s fifth-largest economy.

California High-Speed Rail
California High-Speed Rail/Representational Image

CALIFORNIA (Metro Rail News): The California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) has released its recent Sustainability Report describing how the nation’s first system supports the backbone of the state’s aspirational climate goals.

“Sustainability is a core focus as we build the most technologically advanced, electrified and equitable transportation system to support the world’s fifth largest economy,” Margaret Cederoth, Director of Sustainability and Planning for CHSRA, said. “In pursuing carbon neutral objectives, CHSRA has meaningful targets toward which we aim our work. Our goal is to accelerate the delivery of the system’s value for communities, be it through small business participation or the delivery of public spaces in stations designed to revitalize California’s great cities. We’re also dedicated to restorative practices, such as preserving natural resources and valuable habitat.”

The Sustainability Report

Key milestones highlighted in this year’s report include:

Restoring more than 2,972 acres of habitat and protecting more than 3,190 acres of agricultural land

Planting more than 7,100 trees

Avoiding or sequestering 420,245 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of removing one natural gas-fired power plant from the grid for a year

Increasing small business participation to over 700 entities

Generating between 12.7 and 13.7 billion in total economic activity in the state, with 56 percent investment in disadvantaged communities.

The electrified high-speed rail in California will run entirely on renewable energy. The system will provide. The system will sustainably connect communities and give Californians an unprecedented alternative to vehicle travel. High-speed rail is the only mode of transportation that offers a level of journey speed and quality while using less energy as compared to any other transport.

High-speed rail will cut more than half of travel times in the Central Valley, which has a population of more than 3 million people. High-speed rail can transport passengers from Bakersfield to Merced in 56 minutes as compared to 2.5 hours by automobile.


  1. This all sounds so wonderful – too bad it will never happen (of course CA can pay for it if they still want this debacle but don’t come after me)


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