Center approves separate post & office for Metro Railway Safety Commissioner

Delhi Metro becomes the world’s seventh busiest metro rail network
Delhi Metro becomes the world’s seventh busiest metro rail network

New Delhi: More than a decade after it was first contemplated in the Metro Railways (Operations and Maintenance) Act of 2002, the Ministry of Civil Aviation created a post for the Metro Railway Safety Commissioner under the Railway Safety Commission, as an official notification dated January 10. Last month, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal to create an office of a circle of Metro Railway Safety Commissioner, along with all the officers and support staff to carry out the functions of the Metro Railway Safety Commission.

The Railway Safety Commission, which operates under the administrative control of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, deals with matters related to the safety of train travel and the operation of the train. Originally, it was established as the Railways Inspectorate together with the Railways Board in 1905.

Later, following the recommendations of various committees and to avoid the direct subordination of the body to the Railways Board, the inspection was placed under the administrative control of the Post and Air Department in May 1941 and then continuously under any ministry that had the portfolio of civilians. aviation. In 1961, the body of inspectors was redesigned as the Rail Safety Commission.

In order to emphasize the safety of passengers and ensure uniformity in safety certification, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, when promulgating the “Metro Railways (Operations and Maintenance) Act of 2002” had foreseen similar functions to the Commissioner. of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) with respect to the Metro Railways. According to a government statement, these functions are of a provincial, investigative and advisory nature.

“The most important duty of the Commission is to ensure that any new railway line that is opened for passenger traffic conforms to the standard and specifications prescribed by the Ministry of Railways and the new line is safe in all aspects to transport traffic of passengers.

This also applies to other works such as conversion of meters, duplication of lines and electrification of existing lines, etc. The Commission also conducts legal investigations on serious rail accidents and makes recommendations to improve railway safety in India, “the statement said.

However, to date, the safety aspect of the existing rail subway projects was being overseen by the respective zonal commissioners: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation under the Northern Circle and Metro Kolkata under the North Eastern Circle. These, together with the other rail subway projects, will come under the jurisdiction of the Metro Railway Safety Commission. Currently there are several metro projects in the country, with several plans as well. These include Delhi Metro, Bangalore Metro, Chennai Metro, Chennai Extension, Kochi Metro, Lucknow Metro, Metro Ahmedabad, Nagpur Metro, Mumbai Metro, Hyderabad Metro, Noida-Greater Noida Metro, Metro Jaipur, etc.

The government statement announcing the Cabinet’s decision last month also said: “The Ministry of Civil Aviation will assign the post of Railway Safety Commissioner Metro (IRSE,  IRSSE, RSME) and IRTS by the Ministry of Civil Aviation through of nomination of officers arranged by the Ministry of Railways in consultation with UPSC, initially in accordance with the Recruitment Rules for the Railway Safety Commissioner in the Railway Safety Commission.The process to fill the posts will begin within two months.
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