Central Government Approves Delhi Metro’s Two Corridors Today

The total project cost of these two corridors of Delhi Metro’s Phase IV project is Rs.8,399 crore, with a boost to connectivity in Delhi.

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NEW ELHI (Metro Rail News): Through its cabinet, the Central government has approved the two metro corridors of the Delhi metro today. 

The 2 Corridors 

The two corridors slated for approval are: ‘

  1. Lajpat Nagar to GBlock in Saket 
  2. Inderlok to Indraprastha 

Lajpat Nagar to GBlock in Saket 

A 7.96 Km corridor will connect Lajpat Nagar with the G-block in Saket. The Lajpat Nagar—Saket G-block corridor will connect the Silver, Magenta, Pink, and Violet Lines.

Inderlok to Indraprastha 

A 12.37  Km corridor connects Inderlok with Indraprastha, with 10 stations with 11.349 kms of underground lines and 1.028 kms of elevated lines. It will be an extension of the Green Line and will provide interchange with the Red, Yellow, Airport Line, Magenta, Violet, and Blue Lines. 

Project Cost & Funding

The total project cost of these two corridors of Delhi Metro’s Phase IV project is Rs.8,399 crore, which will be sourced from the Government of India, the Government of Delhi, and international funding agencies.

Connectivity Boost 

The Inderlok – Indraprastha Line will improve connectivity for residents of the Bahadurgarh region in Haryana. Commuters from these areas can now use the Green Line to directly reach Indraprastha and other central and east Delhi destinations.

Delhi Metro 

The Delhi Metro is currently constructing an additional 65 kilometres of network as part of its fourth phase expansion, which is expected to be completed by March 2026. This expansion will be rolled out in stages. With an existing network spanning 391 kilometres and encompassing 286 stations, the Delhi Metro is one of the rapidly expanding metro systems globally, showcasing its remarkable growth trajectory.

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