Chennai Metro: Construction Commences on OMR IT Corridor

Chennai Metro Rail Project Advances with Rapid Progress on OMR IT Corridor; Land Acquisition and 'U' Girder Installation Underway

Chennai Metro
Representational Image only | Image by CMRL

CHENNAI (Metro Rail News): Chennai’s metro expansion is underway. Construction has begun for 10 elevated metro stations along the OMR IT corridor between Taramani and Sholinganallur. This development is part of Phase 2 of the Chennai Metro Rail project, covering a 10-kilometer stretch.

Workers have begun building the pillars for these stations, which will be situated below the viaduct where the tracks will be laid. The elevated metro line is being constructed along the centre of the road at a height of 13 meters to 24 meters. 

Progress of the Project

According to a CMRL official, 191 out of the 449 pillars have been built. These pillars are essential for supporting the elevated structure that will house the metro stations and tracks.

In addition to the pillars, 65 out of the 450 ‘U’ girders required for the project have been installed. These girders will support the tracks and ensure the stability of the elevated line.

Land acquisition is currently underway to facilitate station entry and exit point construction. This process is crucial for ensuring easy access to the metro stations once they are operational.

Future Plans

The stretch from Taramani Metro to Sholinganallur Metro is expected to be ready by next year. It is part of the larger 45.4-kilometer Corridor-3, which extends from Madhavaram Milk Colony to Siruseri Sipcot.

Construction on the metro stations is anticipated to begin in June, before the start of the southwest monsoon. The CMRL official also mentioned that the casting of 136 of the 450 ‘U’ girders required for the stretch has been completed.

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