Chennai Metro resume work in phase 1 extension project

Initially, Chennai Metro Phase 1 Extension's Construction work will begin on Wednesday, with 25% of the workforce.

Japan agency sanctions Rs 4,760 crore for Chennai metro rail phase 2
Japan agency sanctions Rs 4,760 crore for Chennai metro rail phase 2

CHENNAI (Metro Rail News): Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) begin the necessary cleaning and other preparatory work on May 4, 2020, at the ‘Central Square’ and the Wimco Nagar Depot after a gap of nearly a month and a half.

“The actual construction work will be starting on May 6, 2020. We will constantly expand the work to other sites in the phase I extension project like the construction of stations and related work. We will have only about 25-30% of the workforce in the construction site now, till the situation improves,” an official said.

To ensure that the workes continue to wear masks throughout the day and maintain physical distancing and monitor the movement of workers inside the site, a special safety team will present.

The CMRL prepares to have portable hand-washing facilities at several locations at the sites. “There will be social distancing in the bus too when workers are brought to the site,” added official.

The workers will be permitted into the sites only after temperature tests and if they don’t complain of any disease. Their tents are constantly disinfected too, to ensure there are no issues, the official said.
Chennai Metro Rail had planned to start train services in the phase I extension project that covers 9 km of north Chennai in June, but that will now be delayed, officials said.

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