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Chennai: Last week for two consecutive days metro services were disrupted owing to glitches in signalling system. The Chennai Metro commuters were fuming as this caused unexpected delay in travel. Metro train was stopped for more than an hour and this certainly did not go down well with metro riders.

For almost thrice now, metro services were stalled due to problem in signalling system. Services have been hit due to technical glitches and this issue needs to be addressed by Chennai Metro.

As reported train was stopped at regular intervals and when services were resumed the train ran at the nearly 25 kmph.

How does a metro train run?

As per protocol, a Chennai Metro staff member feeds in all the necessary information in special software within the Operations Control Centre (OCC). In this entire schedule of the train is feed. A OCC is a system that monitors and controls movements of all trains.

Once the information is entered into the software, this is then transferred to each train. Every train has its individual speed, schedule and frequency.

The Chennai Metro network’s signalling system has a vital component called – Automatic Train Supervision (ATS). This instructs the train regarding the next stoppage and also monitors movement of train.

It is to be noted that the disruption in metro services occurred due to problem in the ATS. This implies that when ATS system failed to perform. Additionally, two backup systems also failed to respond leading to disruption in signalling systems.

Trains operated in semi automatic or fully automatic mode in such cases have to be manually operated by train operator.

In last three instances when train services were halted, the train had to be operated manually. But that did not happen on time. This is so as OCC has to communicate to the driver and ask them to operate the train. When the train operator runs the train it can only be operated at kmph for safety reasons.

Chennai Metro Rail Limited is trying to sort out glitches in ATS. They will ensure that such instances are reduced and quick action is taken. Sources in Chennai Metro ensured that they would ensure no more interruption in services or delays. Currently, Siemens provides signalling system to CMRL.

Siemens, which provides the signalling system said, it is providing all necessary support to Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) to ensure that there are no interruptions and delays to the train operations.



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