Chennai Metro to install CCTV cameras at all parking lots soon

The Chennai Metro plans to install about 2-6 cameras in all 32 stations in the 45-km network of phase I

CCTV Camera
CCTV Camera at parking lot

CHENNAI (Metro Rail News): Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) to install CCTV surveillance to improve security and to keep an eye on passengers and parking staff at parking lots soon. the reasons for the decision to install CCTV cameras are complaints of passengers assaulting parking staff.

officials said “There have been three to four cases where a few passengers hit the parking staff in the last few months demanding a particular spot. The problems arise due to the Chennai Metro reserves a specific spot for passengers who have taken a monthly pass. Hence, those who park on an hourly basis are allotted space only on a first-come-first-served basis.

CMRL official Said that They get agitated because the parking space gets full or they refuse to wait till they get the monthly pass or token checked.
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Two weeks back, a passenger hit staff at the Alandur station, because he wanted a specific spot to park his car, while that was reserved for a vehicle with a monthly pass. The passenger came for a compromise later and paid the hospital expenses for the staff.

In another case, a passenger slapped a parking unit staff member, as the former refused to wait in the line to get the pass checked. But passengers who have taken monthly pass claim that the staff make them wait longer to check every vehicle.

The Chennai Metro plans to install about 2-6 cameras in all 32 stations in the 45-km network of phase I, depending on the size of the parking lot and how it is built. “Some stations will need only two, but some parking lots are built in an L-shape, which will need about 3-4. We will also know if our staff misbehave with passengers,” he added.


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