Chennai Metro|CMRL Engineer to be awarded for environmental best practices in London

Chennai Metro Rail
Chennai Metro Rail

Chennai: When Chithiraputhiran Kannan joined the Chennai Metro Rail, he would never have imagined that his job would take him places and he would get an opportunity to travel to far away lands to represent the amazing work he was doing.

Kannan works as an engineer with CMRL and has been chosen to receive the Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practices 2015 at The House of Parliament, Westminster Palace, London.

Just a few days ago he had visited Manila, Philippines, to receive the Award for Achievement in Scientific Research and Development from World Safety Organisation.

Kannan is a deputy chief engineer (health and safety) for Chennai Metro Rail, which is an ambitious Rs. 14,600 crore project.

Hailing from Srivilliputhur, Kannan has 21 years of experience and takes care of various safety measures at the metro project.

Kannan and his team carry out regular safety audits and ensure that the contractors undergo proper certification and updates. In addition to this, his team has made sure that there are ambulances and doctors present on the site. They are also working to minimise the accidents at metro construction sites by conducting regular training for the workers.

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