Chennai Metro’s TBM Podhigai Records Breakthrough After 9.5 Months

The TBM has bored a 1.4 Km stretch from Madhvaram Milk Colony Station towards Kellys.

Chennai TBM Podhigai
Chennai TBM Podhigai - 05 PC: Ananya Das

CHENNAI (Metro Rail News): TATA Project’s TBM Podhigai achieved a breakthrough on Thursday at  Madhavaram High Road Station under Chennai Metro’s Phase 2 project. It is Podhigai’s or S97’s very first tunnel breakthrough. 

4th Breakthrough of Package TU01 

It is the 4th of the 24 breakthroughs planned for 45.3 km of Line-3’s  Civil Construction Package TU01. It connects Venugopal Nagar to Kellys. 

P.C: Ananya Das


TBM Podhigai was commissioned in mid-January 2023. It took the TBM approximately ten months to cover a distance of about 1.4 kms to build the downline tunnel towards Kellys.  

P.C: Ananya Das

Madhavaram Milk Colony to Kellys section

A total of 7 Tunnel Boring Machines have been mobilised in Madhavaram Milk Colony to Kellys section. The section lengths to about 9 km. The prospective plan is to construct twin tunnels in this section, which takes the total length of the Tunnel to 18 Km. It falls under the Corridor 3. 

Update on Tunnel Boring 

A total of 4 TBMs were launched from Madhavaram Milk Colony, of which 

  1. TBM Anaimalai achieved a breakthrough at Venugopal Nagar, boring a tunnel of length 415m. 
  2. TBM Nilgiri- achieved a breakthrough at Madhavaram High Road,  boring a tunnel of length 1.4 Km 
  3. TBM Servarayan – achieved a breakthrough at Venugopal Nagar, boring a tunnel of length 415m. 
P.C: Ananya Das

Corridor 3 

Corridor 3 runs from Madhavaram Milk Colony to Siruseri Sipcot. It covers a total distance of 45.4 Km. The stretch has 47 stations, of which 28 are underground, and 19 are elevated. TATA was awarded the contract for Package TU-01 in May 2021 at an estimated cost of Rs 1999 Crore with a 42-month deadline. 

Chennai Metro Phase:02 

Chennai Metro Phase 2 expansion has been planned for 118.9 Km with 128 stations. It entails three corridors:

  1. Corridor -3: From Madhavaram to SIPCOT -45.8 Km
  2. Corridor -4: From Lighthouse to Poonamalle Bypass- 26.1 Km
  3. Corridor-5: From Madhavaram to Sholinganallur- 47 Km

The expansion has been planned at an estimated cost of Rs 63,246 Crore. Currently, out of 61 Packages, 36 packages, including Civil, Track and System for Corridor 3, Corridor 4 and Corridor 5, have been awarded, and work is in progress. 

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