Chinese Kite String (Manjha) Continues to Create Problems in Operations of Lucknow Metro

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LUCKNOW (Metro Rail News): Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation is facing a big challenge in Lucknow because of Chinese manjha, which is used by kite enthusiasts with more than 500 disruptions recorded in three years due to the banned strings. The banned kite manjha that are made in China, have traces of metals which damages the UPMRC’s OHE system, causing disruption in services.

A senior UPMRC officer said that despite the corporation’s stringent appeals to people not to fly kites near the metro corridor, incidents of damaging of overhead wire from the Chinese manjha have been recorded, due to which metro services were disrupted. According to the officer, the OHE line near the Lucknow University metro station, on Monday, tripped because of Chinese manjha around 8:30 PM. Due to this, services were briefly interrupted.

The restoration of metro services was done by diverting the metro to the second line. At the Mahanagar police station, an FIR has been lodged, a statement by the UPMRC said. As many as 508 such cases came to notice in the past three years against people flying kites near the metro tracks using Chinese manjha.

According to a UPMRC Official, there is a provision of 10 years’ imprisonment under the Metro Railway Act, 2002 for damage to metro property and that too without a warrant. Also, it is important for people to understand that even when the metro trains are not running on the corridor or when the passenger services are stopped (between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM), the overhead wires are charged and an electric current is present.

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