Clean Metro, Green Metro: Regenerative Braking Technology in Metro Trains and Lifts will save electricity

Kanpur Metro will be a friend of the Environment; there will be abundant Greenery across the Metro Corridor and Depot


KANPUR (Metro Rail News): Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (UPMRC) has always intended to provide not only a safe and convenient mode of transport to the citizens in the form of Metro Services but also the Metro Project being constructed inside the city should be the top in the list of Environmental Protection. After Lucknow, UPMRC continued this expedition in Kanpur. Recently, Kanpur Metro’s Priority Corridor has received ISO 14001 for environment management. – Kumar Keshav, MD, UPMRC

On the special occasion of Environment Day, Special arrangements have been made by Kanpur Metro to conserve electricity, water and trees:

1- The Metro Trains that is going to be operational in Kanpur will be equipped with Regenerative Braking Technology. Under this technique, the energy generated during the braking in the train is conserved and used back in the metro system. Kanpur Metro will be saved almost 45% energy through this technology, it means out of 1000 units being used in running of Trains almost 450 units are generated through Regenerative Braking Technology, which will be used back in the Metro system.

In addition, lifts to be installed at stations and depots will also be able to save energy with the above-mentioned technology. These will have up to 37% energy efficiency.

All the metro premises will have 100% LED lighting for energy saving. Apart from this, the plan is also being prepared to install solar panels at Metro Depots and Stations.

2- The Polytechnic Depot of Kanpur Metro will be equipped with a ‘Zero Discharge Facility’ i.e. the wastewater will not be disposed or discharged but inclusively recycled and used for various purposes. There will be two water treatment plants to be installed in Depot.

A sewage treatment plant (STP) of 10,000 liters per day capacity will be used to recycle gray water i.e. water that comes from the kitchen, washroom, and floor cleaning, etc.

At the same time, an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with a capacity of 70 thousand liters per day will be installed in the automatic washing plant for the cleaning of the trains and to recycle the chemical-rich black water which comes from the repair of trains in the maintenance shed.

3- Kanpur Metro will have the capacity of ‘Rain Water Conservation’ up to 15 lakh liters

All the arrangements are being prepared for Rain Water Conservation. The all stations of the Corridors, the Metro Depot, and the 32.4 km long viaduct, a target has been set to develop a water conservation capacity of about 15 lakh liters. The viaduct will also have a system for carrying water at every other span down to the pit in the median. Around 180 pits to be built from October this year under the Priority Corridor (IIT to Motijheel) will be ready for water conservation.

4- 10 ‘Saplings’ will be planted in place of ‘One Tree’

Primarily, it is the endeavor of UPMRC that the Metro alignment should be designed in such a way that the situation of tree removal would not come up. If the situation arises, efforts are made to translocate (to move them from one place to another) them, if possible, keeping in view the age, thickness, and other factors of the tree. Trees that cannot be translocated are removed and then 10 new saplings are planted in the place of one tree. Till now 183 trees have been translocated in Kanpur.

Not only this but also saplings will be planted in the middle of the entire Elevated Corridor of Kanpur Metro and will be taken care of regularly by UPMRC. Plantation work is still going on at every possible place in the Polytechnic Metro Depot.

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