CRS Inspection Commences on the Howrah-Esplanade Under-water Stretch of the Kolkata Metro 

The Inspection continued till 7:30 in the evening.

kolkata underwater metro/ Representational image
kolkata underwater metro/ Representational image

KOLKATA (Metro Rail News): The CRS began its week-long inspection on the Esplanade-Howrah Underwater stretch Yesterday with a 3-member team.

The Team   

The CRS team consisted of three people, namely, Brij Mohan, Lalit Kumar & Pramod Kumar, who were there to inspect the stretch for safety measures. The team will be concerned with the fire clearances for stations, ventilation shafts, and under-river tunnels.


The inspection began on Friday around 2:30 in the afternoon and continued till late 7:30 PM. The tram wrapped up the inspection at the terminal Howrah Maidan Station.  

Stations to be covered 

The four stations to be inspected by the CRS include Esplanade, Mahakaran, Howrah and Howrah Maidan. The team will cover the stations in a BEML rake to run between  Esplanade & Howrah Maidan. 

Week-long Inspection Overview

As previous reports indicate, the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) will conduct a comprehensive week-long survey. The survey will be divided into two distinct teams, with the first operating from Friday to Monday and the second from Tuesday to Thursday. Notably, the Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CMRS), falling under the CRS, will be present for Wednesday’s last leg of the inspection.

CRS Team and Approval Process

The CRS team, functioning under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, is responsible for granting mandatory approval for the inauguration of any new railway line in India. Additionally, the inspection of the under-river line by the CMRS establishes a significant precedent in ensuring safety and compliance.

Focus on the East-West Metro Corridor

The Kolkata Metro Line 2, also recognised as the East-West Metro or Green Line, is a prominent rapid transit system in the Indian state of West Bengal. Presently operational between Salt Lake and Sealdah, the future expansion initiative aims to link Howrah by traversing beneath the Hooghly River with a planned eastern extension to Teghoria. Encompassing a total span of 22 km, the extended line will boast 17 stations, stretching from Teghoria (Haldiram) in the east to Howrah Maidan in the west. Notably, 11 stations will be elevated, while the remaining six will be underground.

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