DAMEPL files a contempt petition against Delhi Metro at High Court

The taxpayer is paying an additional interest burden of 1.75 crore per day due to DMRC's delay in paying the arbitral judgement.

Delhi metro Airport Line
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DELHI (Metro Rail News): Delhi Airport Metro Express Pvt. Ltd (DAMEPL), a Reliance Infrastructure company, has filed a contempt of court petition against the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). DAMEPL filed a case in the Delhi high court alleging that DMRC had failed to comply with a court order issued on December 22.

DMRC was ordered to disclose full disclosure of its bank accounts and funds within one week of receiving the ruling. DAMEPL’s application reacts to DMRC’s late affidavit, which only offered a partial disclosure. In an affidavit submitted on December 21, DMRC divulged 1,642.69 crores of the 5,800.93 crores it had cited in court.

A DMRC spokeswoman declined to comment on the situation, claiming it was still under investigation. Reliance Infra did not respond to requests for information.

DAMEPL has accused DMRC of knowingly concealing its remaining monies, a clear violation of the Delhi High Court’s decision. “The actions of DMRC demonstrates that it is attempting to thwart and postpone the Arbitral Award’s implementation process, as well as guarantee that the upcoming hearing on January 11 becomes ineffectual,” the motion stated.

The taxpayer is paying an additional interest burden of 1.75 crore per day due to DMRC’s delay in paying the arbitral judgement. In its most recent affidavit, the DMRC said that it had total funds of Rs 5,800.93 crore. However, DMRC funds totalled 1,642.69 crores, project funds totalled 2,412.12 crores, and other than DMRC money totalled 1,746.12 crores.

DAMEPL has asked the Delhi High Court to order DMRC to follow the court’s previous decision in letter and spirit and provide complete details of its bank accounts, together with the relevant bank statements, on or before the next hearing date.
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The Supreme Court confirmed DAMEPL’s arbitration award of Rs 7,200 crore on September 7, 2021, then On September 12, DAMEPL filed an execution petition in the Delhi High Court. The plea asked the court to require DMRC to comply with the SC ruling and reimburse the business $7,200 crore. However, DMRC has only paid DAMEPL a total of Rs 1,000 crore so far.

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