DDMA to Decide on Reopening Of All Delhi Metro Gates

Delhi Metro
Photo Copyright: DMRC

DELHI (Metro Rail News): The number of passengers using the Delhi metro has surged following the decrease in Corona cases and the opening of offices and schools.

As a result, approximately 70% of metro station gates have been reopened. However, people are still having trouble since 30 per cent of the gates have been kept closed because they are not allowed to ride in the metro while standing.

However, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has stated that all gates will be opened once the metro has reached full capacity.

On December 28, last year, after the third wave of Corona began, the number of passengers in the metro had significantly reduced. Therefore, it was agreed to only operate the metro at 50% capacity during this time.

The number of individuals using the metro has also decreased in such a situation. Only 444 of the 712 gates at 254 stations on the Delhi Metro were operational. Only 4 to 5 lakh passengers were able to travel each day as a result of this. At the moment, each station has one or two gates open.

The metro was authorised to run at full capacity just a few days ago. Nonetheless, one or two gates were being opened at the majority of the stations. This led to long queues of passengers outside the stations. Every day, between 12 and 15 lakh passengers are believed to travel. Therefore, there is a tremendous crowd at the metro stations in the morning and evening in such a setting. Currently, roughly 500 gates have been opened at metro stations, averaging two gates per station.

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