Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail’s First Phase to Operate 13 Trains from Sahibabad to Duhai

The construction work of the first section of the Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail is in the final stages. 17 km track from Sahibabad to Duhai, four stations have been completed.


NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): 13 rapid trains will be operational on the 17-kilometre-long route between Sahibabad and Duhai in the first phase of Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail. Arrangements have been made to erect these rapid rails at the depot yard of Duhai. Along with this, the operation command and control centre of the entire rapid rail corridor will be operated in this depot, which will be ready in February.

The construction work of the first section of the Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail is in the final stages. 17 km track from Sahibabad to Duhai, four stations have been completed. Final touches are being given to them. Rapid Rail is set to start operating on the first section in March 2023. While there is a plan to run the train on the entire corridor from 82 km long Delhi Saraikale Khan to Meerut by 2025. 13 rapid trains will run on the 17 km long track from Sahibabad to Duhai. At the same time, 30 rapids will be run in the entire corridor.

There is a provision to erect 13 rapid rails in the yard of Duhai Depot. For this reason, only 13 trains will be run in the first section. While arrangements have been made to erect 17 rapids in the under-construction yard at Modipuram in Meerut, the construction is going on quickly. At the same time, the operation command and control centre of the 82 km long rapid rail corridor is being prepared in the Duhai depot yard, which will be ready in February next month.

Then this operation control centre will control the 30 rapid rail of six coaches running from the first section to the entire corridor. The main administrative office of NCRTC is also located in Duhai. Train operators are also being trained to run trains in real-time and situations. A unique simulator room (virtual room) with modern equipment has been set up for training at Duhai Depot. After the virtual room, operators are trained to run six coach trains in technical testing trials.

NCRTC’s Chief Public Relations Officer Puneet Vats says that the work of the first section is going on as per the schedule. Rapid Rail runs daily on a 17-kilometre track between Sahibabad to Duhai. Currently, technical testing trials are going on in the first section with a minimum speed of 100 km and a maximum speed of 165 km per hour. Running it at all speeds, it is seen that there is no technical problem with it.

The maximum speed of Rapid Rail is 180 kmph, and the average speed is 100 kmph. Although in the first section, it will be operated at an average speed / all the stations between Sahibabad to Duhai are being finalized. It includes Sahibabad station, Ghaziabad station, Guldhar station, Duhai station and Duhai depot station.


  1. Respected sir,
    Metal plates of size approx 3×8 Meters, being used to cover the ditches, to continue traffic, are very much slippery, causing, skidding of two wheelers, resulting in numerous accidents every day. Few Rippled iron bars may be welded to make surfaces rough and avoid accidents due to slippery surfaces of metal plates.
    I am the victim of this negligence, my scooty made a skidding flying yesterday at 3 p.m. made multiple erosion and hurts on my left leg, knee and shoulder . I have X ray and treatment from Military Hospital.
    Accident occurred at Xing of Delhi road to Sharda road, MEERUT at around 3 pm.

    Sorry to say, 4 Policemen employed witnessed 6 such accidents (Their statement ) and took no pain to initiate/ report to avoid accidents.

    Insufficient knowledge with Policemen to take action / reporting may be updated.


    Harish Kumar Arora
    Rtd Junior Warrent Officer
    Indian Airforce


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