Delhi Metro | Beware of thieves, women on prowl at metro station

In a bizarre incident two women shouted for help and ended up robbing men who helped. This incident took place near Delhi Metro Station.

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New Delhi: If you are passing or moving in or out of Delhi Metro Station, beware of women shouting ‘help’. These women might just be thieves in disguise. In what is seen as a shocking incident, two women shouted help and they ended up robbing men who came forward to help them. The entire incident took place near of the Delhi Metro Stations.

The police have nabbed the accused who are identified as Muskan (25) and Sweety (24). These two used charm select few people and then rob them of their belongings and cask.

Police arrested these two accused near Moolchand Metro Station in Delhi. Both of them were nabbed for allegedly looting men on pretext of asking for help. They would lure then, once in their net they would steal all that the helper had.

The incident came to light on August 4 at around 9.30 pm. Police patrolling near Moolchand Metro station spotted one person running behind two women.

Sensing suspicion, police jumped into action and managed to nab both the women. Deputy Commissioner of Police (southeast), Chinmoy Biswal shared with media persons that they intercepted them and nabbed on time.

During interrogation the man who said that he was slapped and robbed by Sweety and Muskan. Police recovered the purse and both women accused were arrested added DCP Biswal.

The complainant during the investigation shared that he was on his way home on his motorcycle. When he reached near the Delhi metro station at around 9.30pm he was altered by two women shouting for ‘help’.

When the complainant stopped to help, he was taken aback with Muskan slapping him. He fell down from his bike. Sweety took advantage of the situation and ended up taking his purse. The two then started running towards Lajpat Nagar as per DCP.

Both the accused during interrogation confided that they were illiterate. Sweety shared that she is living separately from her husband and divorce proceedings are pending. Muskan on the other hand is a widow.

The accused said that they resorted to robbing people near Delhi Metro to earn their livelihood. Their scheme would either be shouting for ‘help’ or to lure victims. Both of them worked in well co-ordinated manner. While one would ask for help or lure the victim, the other would come from behind and rob men. They would then flea from the spot.

The two of them would also threaten men that if they filed a complaint, they would file false complaint against them.

Sweety and Muskan have robbed around six men in last three months. As per police, they two got away as most would not report the crime owing to social stigma.

Police shared another incident where a 67-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly burglary Rs. 75,000 in Chanakyapuri. The accused stole money from exhibitor’s purse during a bridal exhibition.

She was spotted by the hotel security guard while she was counting money. The guard informed exhibitors and police was later informed and subsequently arrested.

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