Delhi Metro | DMRC to bring over 900 electric feeder buses

900 electric feeder buses for the convenience of the commuters

New Delhi: With a focus on the goal of last mile connectivity to nearby locations, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will bring more than 900 electric feeder buses to the road. Commissioned by the government of Delhi, which completed 905 of those buses for the convenience of passenger lakhs using the Metro, the proposal was discussed during this year’s budget.

The new buses will circulate five kilometers from different metro stations, at a frequency of five minutes. Of the other outstanding features, these buses will not have any conductor and travelers will be able to take advantage of the services by using their Metro smart card. The DMRC has sent a proposal to the government of Delhi in this regard, proposing two types of buses in order to have seats that vary between 7 and 20.

The buses will operate on the cluster scheme lines as part of a separate subsidiary company that will be formed by the railway entity. This means that the government will compensate for any losses incurred by the DMRC in providing this service. According to senior officials at DMRC, they have already analyzed about 50 routes to operate these electric feeder buses. The civil employee shared that, although they have presented/displayed a proposal of buses to GNC and electrical, this last one has found the favor of the government, since it has made provisions for them in its last budget, that has to the green Delhi as its main pillar.

The DMRC has a fleet of more than 300 feeder buses that operate around 40 routes throughout Delhi. They work from 8 a.m. in the morning until 10 p.m. at night, which facilitates the mobility of travelers. With the introduction of a new fleet this year, the Metro authorities expect to add more than 500. Next, the number of routes in which these buses will be mobilized will increase.

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