Delhi Metro | DMRC plans to convert 50% AFC Exit Gates for Smart Cards users only


New Delhi: In order to facilitate the Smart Card carrying passengers who comprise about 70% of the daily Metro passengers, the Delhi Metro has decided to convert 50 percent of the existing ‘Automatic Fare Collection Gates (AFC) Exit Gates’ to ‘Card Only’ Exit Gates.

At present, Delhi Metro has 1073 AFC Exit Gates across all Metro stations of the network. Of these, 500 ‘Exit Gates’ are being converted exclusively for the Smart Card users to be known as ‘Card Only’ AFC Exit Gates. The move is aimed at facilitating a smooth exit from the dedicated gates at a faster pace. The remaining AFC Exit Gates will remain functional for both the Smart Card and Token carrying passengers.

These dedicated ‘Card Only’ exit gates will also help Token users as shifting of Card users to their dedicated exit gates would allow Token users more space/time to exit from remaining AFC(mixed-token+card) Exit Gates. Token handling at times by relatively new passengers leads to some minor error/delay in exit but this new arrangement would pave the way for a smooth exit for both types of commuters- Card as well as token users avoiding unnecessary delay/hassle in exit.   At present, 300 AFC Gates have already been converted into ‘Card Only’ AFC Exit Gates at Metro stations across all lines. Rest of the stations will be covered by the end of this month. Adequate signages are being placed at these gates to inform and facilitate the passengers.

Presently, the Delhi Metro has 213 km of operational network with 160 stations which carries around 26 lakh commuters everyday across Delhi and NCR. Of these, around 18 lakh commuters use Metro Smart card every day.

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