Delhi Metro | DMRC puts several lives into jeopardy during lowering of new coaches


New Delhi: It is noticed that during the launch of operation of almost all phases of metro being operational by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), prescribed safety measures are being ignored by the agency thereby putting the lives of hundreds of personnel involved at risk of major accidents like paralytic attacks, serious injuries and death, etc.  News of several accidents including deaths in Delhi Metro sites are pouring into from various sources. It shows total negligence on the part of so reputed DMRC.

There might be lack of proper consultancy for crowd management, safety measures, first aid mechanism, etc. in DMRC. As a result of maladministration or due to lack of up to date safety engineering technologies in DMRC, several accidents, deaths or suicides by the innocent commuters are taking place and the number is increasing day by day.  Environmental issues are also kept aside during the launch of such show off functions which does not have any positive impact on the public. Rather huge expenses are being incurred by DMRC for so called celebrations and by doing so the public funds are being misutilised for nothing.

An incident took place recently during inaugural ceremony of new phase-3 metro trains lowered on track, where it was obviously observed that no safety measures were adopted. Many attendees clustered around the spot were seen putting their lives in danger as they had not put on any safety accessories. DMRC has to reply to such loopholes to the public through the appropriate forum and they should admit the blunder and take precautionary measures for further future such ceremonies.

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The above lapse in public safety by DMRC shows that they didn’t learnt anything from the pillar collapse case in Zamrudpur during construction of Line-6 under its phase-II project.

DMRC needs to introspect by not considering itself as complacent for sake of the betterment and smooth functioning of the metro transportation for the commuters as also to retain and sustain the credibility obtained so far amongst the urban smart transportation fraternity in India.

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