Delhi Metro Extension: Texmaco Rail Begins Track Deployment for Magenta Line

Delhi Metro Expansion under contract DT-08 enhances Delhi Metro connectivity


DELHI (Metro Rail News): On April 2nd, Texmaco Rail & Engineering initiated the deployment of standard Gauge tracks to extend Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line (Line-8). The project falls under contract DT-08, which comprises Janakpuri West & R.K. Ashram (28.92 km), Elevated (21.18 km), and Underground (7.74 km). Texmaco Rail & Engineering was awarded Rs. 117.08 crore by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in January 2024 for Package DT-08 after emerging as the lowest bidder among four contenders in December 2023.

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Pic. Credit: Rahul Varshney

The company is installing standard gauge rails (1435 mm) from Package DT-08 of the Delhi Metro Phase 4 project. This installation will occur on the viaducts of elevated packages:

  • DC-01A (Keshopur – Mangolpuri)
  • DC-01 (Mangolpuri – Haiderpur-Badli Mor)
  • DC-03R (Haiderpur-Badli Mor – Derawal Nagar)
  • DC-05 (Derawal Nagar – RK Ashram).
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Delhi Metro Extension: Texmaco Rail Begins Track Deployment for Magenta Line 4
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Delhi Metro Extension: Texmaco Rail Begins Track Deployment for Magenta Line 5

Inauguration ceremony of Texmaco Rail’s local site office – Pic. Credit: Rahul Varshney

Contract DT-08

  • Scope: Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Ballastless Track, including supply of MSS & Buffer stop for Line-8 Extension. Comprising (Keshopur- Majlis Park- R.K. Ashram) stretch.
  • Completion period of the Work: Thirty Six (36) months.

In September, Paras Railtech initiated track-work activities for the underground Package DC-06, spanning 2.03 km and connecting Janakpuri West to Krishna Park Extension. This section falls outside the scope of DT-08, which encompasses approximately 92% of the Magenta Line’s extension.

Delhi Metro Phase 4: Magenta Line Expansion

The Magenta Line, part of Delhi Metro’s Phase 4, extends from Janakpuri West to Botanical Garden, spanning 37.46 kilometres with 25 stations. Notable features include India’s tallest escalator at Janakpuri West and the deepest metro station at Hauz Khas. Interchanges with other lines enhance connectivity.

Expansion to Ramakrishna Ashram Marg

An extension from Janakpuri West to Ramakrishna Ashram Marg is underway, offering interchanges with multiple lines. The 28.92 km extension includes both elevated and underground sections, passing through various neighbourhoods.

Engineering Challenges and Innovations

Construction challenges include passing under 17 pairs of active railway tracks, requiring careful execution to avoid disrupting train movement. State-of-the-art monitoring equipment ensures safety and minimal disruption.

The extension promises reduced commuting time and better connectivity, impacting property demand positively in surrounding areas.

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