Delhi Metro | Safety and fare hike issue leads to daily ridership decrease

Incident occur on Friday evening was not a normal incident, it has created fear among all the commuters travelling to Delhi Metro. All the Metro station must be have Platform Screen Door (PSD) so that future incident can be reduced.


New Delhi: When Delhi Metro service was started its aim was to ease the transport difficulties of commuters and to give best services and safety to them, but from number of incident occurring in the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) can prove that’s it has get distracted from its aim. One more incident occur at Mandi House on 3 July.

On Friday evening man fall on to the track, reportedly after slipping to the platform at Mandi House Station of Delhi Metro. As soon incident occurs he rushed to the hospital but his life could not save.

Vinod  Pathak, was UP  forest department officer was standing at platform number-2 of Mandi House at 7.35 Pm. As train going towards Dwarka, driver could not stop the train because he trembled forward on the path as train arrive. When train hits him, he was very injurious was taken to Ram Manhor Lohia Hospital, but could’t save him.

Central Industrial Security force official said that we have checked the CCTV footage and discovered that the man lost his footing and slipped on the track. There was no pushing or suicide case, it was just incident that he couldn’t maintain the balance and slipped.

Approximate one lakh of ridership has been reduced from last one year. For this Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will also commission a comprehensive study to find a reason in reduction of ridership. In this study they will try to find a reason that which transport is best and affordable for commuters.

It can be also concluded that ridership is decreasing because of several factors:

  • Safety issues are one of the most effective factors for this. From last two-three months suicidal case has been increased at a larger scale.
  • Delhi Metro has installed Platform Screen Door (PSD) in newly built Metro station which provides better safety services to commuters. But what about other Metro station?
  • Metro fare has almost increased by 100% in 2017 which is also one of the leading factors for decreasing ridership.
  • DMRC Employees Union strike of salary hike. DMRC could’t resolved there demands as it is running in loss due to corrupt practices ( Airport Metro line) in Delhi Metro.
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