Delhi Metro|DMRC tokens to be made available for micro advertising


New Delhi: Delhi Metro tokens would soon be wrapped by micro advertisements, a move aimed at augmenting revenue by tapping the nearly eight-lakh-strong commuter base who use the circular coins.

While about 70 per cent commuters travel using smart cards as per Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) data, the rest, primarily visitors to the national capital, are dependent on tokens. Nearly 16,000 smart cards are sold every day from stations across the network.

Explaining the logic behind the step, DMRC officials said that on an average a token is circulated in three different hands within a day, thus providing “repetitive visibility” to different persons in different sections of the network.

“Moreover, tokens are mostly used by new travellers to Delhi. Hence, advertisement on tokens provide an attractive destination to the advertisers for wide publicity,” DMRC chief spokesman Anuj Dayal said.

The tokens, with an average diameter of 30 mm, provide printable space for advertisement at the centre with diameter of 25 mm, which can be viewed from both sides.

“This printable space shall be licensed to selected bidder for advertisement of its artwork in pursuant to bidding process,” the Request For Proposal (RFP) said.

Last December, the metro had leased out the outdoor bodies of its coaches to agencies, following which fully ad-wrapped trains were introduced on the network’s busiest corridors, namely Yellow and Blue lines.

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