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Delhi-Panipat RRTS Corridor gets Nod From Haryana Government

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CHANDIGARH (Metro Rail News): The Haryana cabinet recently approved the implementation of the Delhi-Panipat Corridor of Regional Rapid Transport System (RRTS). It will have a total length of 103.02 km with 17 stations on the corridor.
“The construction and commissioning of the RRTS will be undertaken in two stages Sarai Kale Khan to Murthal, including Murthal depot (58.28 km), and Murthal to Panipat, including Panipat depot (44.74 km)” read a Statement.
“The project will enable efficient and effective movement of a large number of people into vastly congested places and provide important links for residents of urban/sub-urban nodes in Haryana to access services and facilities in towns and cities of the region while bringing and accelerating economic development of these urban nodes”, it further added.
The cabinet also approved to permit purchasable FAR of up to 1.25 within the project influence zone in Haryana. Since the sale of purchasable FAR is directly attributed to the development of the RRTS, it has been decided that 80 per cent of the revenue to be realised from the sale of additional FAR for the designated mixed-use areas will be shared with the RRTS project according to a news report. 

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