DMRC has introduced new feature-rich website and mobile app

DMRC's New website & mobile app has advanced features such as interactive route maps, station search options, real-time first & last train time calculator & next and nearest station alert.

Launch of DMRC New website & mobile app
Launch of DMRC New website & mobile app Image Credit: DMRC

DELHI (Metro Rail News): The world’s most advanced and rich interactive digital platforms for the metro with the revamped official website and mobile application has been launched by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

This aligns with the Government of India’s Digital India initiative that government services are made available to citizens electronically by the improved online infrastructure. 

Many advanced features such as interactive route maps, advanced station search options, real-time first and last train time calculator, next and nearest station alert on the app etc., have been installed in the new website and mobile applications. 

Dr Mangu Singh, Managing director and other senior officials, launched the new look of the official website and a state-of-the-art mobile application of DMRC at Metro Bhawan for the greater convenience of passengers.

As per DMRC officials, intensive scanning of websites and mobile applications of all major transport systems worldwide and thorough research was made for months to design the new-age facilities.

According to a comparative study, the officials’ websites of leading metro systems across the world have revealed that Delhi Metro’s website has more features for passenger convenience than any other similar website operational in other cities.

As part of the research process, feedback provided by the commuters have been incorporated with necessary improvements from time to time, and the specialised IT professionals team had also been roped in to design and maintain the websites.

To ensure that the website and mobile applications are safe and resistant against virus attacks, special efforts have been made, and internet audits are conducted from time to time.

The website is a bilingual platform. Its all features are available in both English and Hindi. The mobile application DMRC app is available on the Google play store and App Store for Android and IOS operating systems respectively. For ensuring faster updates and flow of information on both platforms, DMRC has integrated its mobile application and websites for the first time.

The earlier website was static in nature which now has shown a vast improvement by changing it into a complete dynamic providing the real-time information about the movement of the trains, timings, applicable fare etc. for benefiting the passengers the valuable information such as nearest police stations as well as phone numbers of metro stations.

Delhi Metro Website View
Delhi Metro Website View

The main features of the new website and mobile application are as follows:-

  • Trip planner via Interactive Map- The interactive feature is provided to the passengers on the mobile app and website to plan an efficient and quick journey. The complete information of the stations, along with the route of their journey and interchanges on the selected route, can be viewed on a map.
  • The time of the next available train, total journey time to their destination and the fare and number of stations in the selected route can also be shown to passengers. It also indicates the platforms and direction of travel starting from their origin station and the interchange stations to their destination to the passengers.
  • Know your Station – The provision for the complete details of each station in DMRC network can be viewed by the passengers on the DMRC website. The various details shown include station location on the map, station details, gate details, lift/ escalator availability with location, nearby key places & station facilities.
  • Advanced Station Facilities Search– For the convenience of passengers, the DMRC website has been provided with an Advanced Facility Search feature on the homepage from which the passengers can do a quick search based on either facility type or Metro line or a specific keyword.
  • Tour Guide –The Tour Guide is a unique feature catering to tourists and new visitors to the city. In the Tour Guide, a vital selection of the significant landmarks, historical places & transport hubs like railway stations, airports & ISBTs which a person visiting the city must visit are showcased.
  • To cater to the ease of passengers, the ‘Plan your Journey’ feature is also provided here so that passengers may see the route to the nearest Metro station or any landmark from anywhere on the Delhi Metro network. In addition, for the last mile connectivity from the nearest Metro station to each landmark, the walking time and public transport time information are also provided.
  • Realtime First and Last Train Time Calculator – Passengers using the DMRC website can check the First and Last Train time for any route between any two stations of the Delhi Metro network using this feature. Passengers can also check the route based on the shortest or minimum interchange route.
  • Fare Calculator – The Fare Calculator is a quick look feature provided for passengers to determine the normal fare and the special fare applicable on any journey undertaken on the DMRC network.
  • Next Station Alert – Mobile App– On the DMRC Mobile App, passengers using this feature while making their journey on Metro trains will be alerted before reaching their destination station via push notifications on their mobile phone. The mobile app requires the GPS to be switched on the mobile device for optimum performance of this feature.
  • Nearest Stations – Mobile App – The DMRC Mobile App provides the users with a function to find the nearest Metro Station from any location by simply switching on the GPS location on their Mobile Phone and using this feature on the app. They can also see the direction via Google Map to the station from the user’s current GPS location.
  • Know your Line (Line Status with Details) – The DMRC website displays the service status of every line on a real-time basis by showing appropriate colour codes and text to indicate normal or partial Service (green for normal Service & amber for partial Service). In addition, the passengers can view the reasons for any partial service on a line by checking the ‘Line Updates’ tab.

Additionally, in case of any station closure, it is shown with a different colour code and text to highlight the same (green for open & red for closed). The reason for the station restriction can be viewed on the ‘Line Detail’ Page under the ‘Station Restriction/Special Information.

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