DMRC hires McKinsey for planning major integration of metro services with e-commerce

Commuters may be able to order a product online while riding a metro train and have it delivered to their destination station via advanced digital platforms provided by the urban transporter.

Metro Rail Commuters During Pandemic Time
Metro Rail Commuters

DELHI (Metro Rail News): According to official sources, Delhi Metro has begun work on a futuristic project that aims to connect regular services with e-commerce using cutting-edge digital platforms. The DMRC has hired a leading consultancy firm to work on the plan.

According to the vision, for example, a rider may be able to order a product online while riding a metro train and have it delivered to their destination station via advanced digital platforms provided by the urban transporter.

A top official source stated, “We have started working on this vision, and a top consulting firm, McKinsey, has been hired to work on the plan that we have envisioned. However, the project is still in its “infancy”, and this is just a broader vision to upgrade our digital platforms so that commuters can also access e-commerce services while riding a Delhi Metro train.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has relaunched its website and smartphone app, providing commuters with new features and convenience.

DMRC chief Mangu Singh, at the launch, had also said that the urban transporter is planning to integrate its digital platforms with “e-commerce in a big way” to allow commuters to get other services in the course of their journey. “In the next two-three years, we think this is likely to go on a next level,” he had said.

According to reports, the goal is to allow commuters to access e-commerce services while on the move using DMRC digital platforms. According to the vision, once a commuter completes their journey, the order placed, such as for groceries or something else, can be fulfilled at the destination station, where arrangements could be made for, for example, a digital locker that could be accessed with an OTP received on a mobile device or something similar.

The DMRC had previously stated that its revamped website is “among the world’s most feature-rich and advanced” interactive digital metro platforms. Officials added that riders of the Delhi Metro can now receive a prior alert notification when the train’s next station on the route is their destination, thanks to the company’s newly updated smartphone app.

Also, anyone may access real-time information on their planned journey path, including whether there is any snag or interruption on the route ahead, and it will even propose an alternate route, utilising the newly improved website.
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The Delhi Metro has begun the process of upgrading all of its existing Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems to be compliant with the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) services, giving a significant boost to ‘Digital India.’ The work is expected to be finished by June 2023.

According to the DMRC, it has signed a contract with a consortium to carry out the NCMC as well as improve the entire ecosystem, including the AFC system, which will enable travel via “QR-based tickets, account-based tickets, and near-field communications (NFC) media.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the NCMC services on the Airport Express Line on December 28 of last year. Passengers from all around the country can use their NCMC-compliant RuPay debit card for seamless travel using this service. In addition, the same card can be used across the country for shopping, banking, and other transactions.

Officials indicated at the time that the DMRC’s system would be able to handle transactions from 23 banks using the RuPay debit card that they had issued.


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