DMRC plans to revamp 280 Oldest metro coaches

These 280 coaches will get a fresh layer of special water-based paint,

Delhi Metro’s Red Line Metro Coaches
Delhi Metro’s Red Line Metro Coaches

NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) plans to begin major overhauls of total 280 coaches of Delhi Metro’s oldest corridor- Red Line (Rithala-Shaheed Sthal New Bus Adda) which is showing signs of wear and tear.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will now begin a major overhaul of total 280 coaches. The Red Line coaches are nearly two-decade-old, which will not only be refurbished but also upgraded to bring them on a par with those deployed in other corridors.

Delhi Metro brought first coaches from South Korea in 2002 to start the operations on a small section of Red Line. The coaches were manufactured in India itself later. There are more than 40 six-coach trains deployed on the Red Line and many of these are 15 to 17 years old now.

The lifespan of a coach is 30 years. The refurbishment will ensure that the old coaches can be used efficiently for the next 13-15 years.

“The air-conditioning system will be refurbished and as part of the overhaul, we will also focus on floor repair, the section connecting two coaches, painting and suspension,” a DMRC official said.

“Trains on this corridor just have stickers to show the stations. These will be replaced with digital display panels,” he said.

“A major focus will be on overhauling of gangways — the partition between two coaches — that have seen the most damage. The overhaul will include 100% fabric and bellow replacement, cleaning and anti-corrosion measures,” the official added.

DMRC will repair the flooring of many trains, some coaches require complete floor replacement. “The floors of these coaches have been irreparably damaged and the replacement has been planned with the help of the original car builder,” he said. The corporation will also replace secondary suspensions in all trains.

The interiors of all these coaches will sport a new look, too, thanks to a paint job. “These 280 coaches will get a fresh layer of special water-based paint,” the official added. “The whole process of refurbishment will take 20 to 24 months,” he said. At present, the total number of commissioned trains in the metro network is 336, which are made up of 2,206 coaches. All Delhi Metro coaches undergo periodical preventive checks.


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