The Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2017 | Nov 27-28 2017 | New Delhi

The Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2017

As one of the pillars of economic development for any country, the transportation network is critical to the national infrastructure. With Indian transportation industry growing at a CAGR of 15 percent and a budget outlay of almost Rs. 4 trillion in the next fiscal in creating and upgrading transportation infrastructure, India’s transportation sector is undergoing a boom. However, it has frequently been a source of greenhouse gas emissions and a major cause of concern for the government as they are trying to reduce the carbon footprint to address environmental issues and decrease their dependence on oil as a source of fuel. India is still following BS IV as against EURO 6 implemented in European countries, which is equivalent to BS VI.

The Second Auto Fuel Vision and Policy 2025 notified by Government of India in May 2014 lays the map for fuel emission norms up to 2025. In order to adopt the latest emission standards, Government of India has decided to completely skip BS V norms and has announced to adopt and implement BS VI norms from April 2020.

Therefore, besides vehicular technologies and emission norms, other two important factors to be considered in India for reducing carbon emission are periodic inspection, maintenance of in-use vehicles and better road and traffic management. All this can only be achieved by discussing the latest technologies, government policies, success stories and facing the current environmental situation with complete seriousness.

The Economics Times in association with Metro Rail News is going to conduct Smart Urban Mobility Summit on November 27-28, 2017 in New Delhi, India. The summit aims to lay down a blueprint for the future, driven by innovation and the vision to provide cleaner, safer and faster transportation infrastructure.

The summit is a movement to unite the visionaries who believe carbon emission has no place in the future and going ahead the key is to have smart road and traffic management systems. It is also a platform to showcase success stories from across the world that will inspire the key stakeholders to promote the cause and ensure that everything is being done to meet their respective national goals for smart and green transportation.

The Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit will focus on Hybrid vehicles, KERS systems, alternate fuels, smart parking, its (intelligent transportation system ), tolling, telematics, safety & security, mass transportation, road infrastructure & construction. The increasing demand for vehicles, coupled with citizens adopting a healthy lifestyle and growing environmental concerns will likely makes us adopt to this change for smart green mobility.

As India prepares for the future of transportation which is smart, secure and sustainable, the Intelligent Smart Mobility Awards will honor and recognize the visionaries and early movers who set the precedent and have laid the foundation for the same.

The awards will celebrate the successes and it will highlight the efforts of industry leaders from the government and the private sector from across the region as they help their respective governments and industries to align themselves to their future needs and goals led by innovation and technology.

For more details, please click here to download Event Brochure

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