Elevated Metro Stations of Chennai Metro Phase-2 to Have Platform Screen Doors

Delhi Metro to HC says Platform Screen Doors Not Possible At all Stations
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CHENNAI (Metro Rail News): All elevated stations in the 118.9km phase-2 network will have platform screen doors (PSD) to prevent commuters from crossing or jumping on to the tracks according to official sources at CMRL.
Metro rail will construct 80 elevated stations to link a nearly 76km stretch in three corridors in the phase. In that, construction for a portion of the line on corridor-4 between Power House in Kodambakkam and Poonamallee may begin in 2021.
The detailed project report for the phase-2 project said while underground stations will have full platform screen doors from the platform to the ceiling, elevated stations will have half-height PSDs.

“PSDs are mainly provided at metro stations to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers,” the report said. And one of the major reasons, metro rail, said was, “It prevents accidental falls from the platform onto the lower track area, suicide attempts and homicides by pushing.” Phase-2 will have 48 underground stations covering nearly 43km according to a news report by TOI.

Other advantages of installing PSDs include preventing accidents when service trains pass through stations at high speeds, reduces the wind felt by passengers caused by piston effect which could in some circumstances make people fall over the tracks. The doors cut power consumptions in underground stations by preventing air-conditioned air from escaping and improve the sound quality of platform announcements as background noise from the tunnels and trains are reduced.

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