Exclusive Interview with Mr. Ramana, Vice President, Envision Enterprise Solutions Pvt Limited

Unveiling Envision Enterprise Solutions: Pioneering Automation and Sustainable Solutions for Metro Rail Operations

Mr. Ramana, Vice President, Envision Enterprise Solutions Pvt Limited
Mr. Ramana, Vice President, Envision Enterprise Solutions Pvt Limited

“Metro Rail News” Fireside chat with Mr. Ramana, Vice President, Envision Enterprise Solutions Pvt Limited, a leading Automation solution provider for Metro Rail Operators and Owner. Envision has several Metro Rail customers in India and outside India. With more than 14 Metro Rail customers, Envision is bringing innovative solutions for their customer engagements.

 Q.1. How did Envision build a strong competency in the metro rail segment? What made you successful?

 Envision is predominantly focused on Asset Life Cycle Management solutions since its inception in 2006. Our teams worked in various industry verticals like power generation, oil & gas, airport and sea port. During Delhi Metro initial days, we got an opportunity to interact with industry experts. This helped us to understand the need for automation solutions for metro asset life cycle management. We formed a core team and started building demonstratable pilots. We are proud of the work done in the last one decade. We have several customer engagements in India, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa regions.

 Q.2. What are the major factors attributed by asset management software to the transportation industry? 

The transportation industry is a very regulated industry for public safety and performance reliability. Metro Rail is the nerve centre for urban transportation. Being a critical infrastructure requires the highest level of governance, safety, and passenger comfort. Having a robust maintenance system is a key factor in accomplishing these goals. Envision brings immense domain expertise for the successful implementation of best practices for an existing Metro rail operator and upcoming Metro networks. 

Q.3. How do you rate significant contributions that enable the industry to look upon Envision as a dependable collaborator? 

Envision believes in an immense value proposition for its customer engagements. This is the best way to prove our commitment to our customers. We took conventional Asset Management to the next level. Today we have IOT based digital solution for predictive maintenance and reliability improvements. We invested heavily in building solutions like Crew Roster and Train Operations Management. Non-Fare revenue management, Incident Management, Workforce Management. We are expanding our portfolio.

Q.4. Describe Envision’s roadmap in helping the Metro industry to meet the sustainability goals. 

Globally, all enterprises are having stringent sustainability targets. Metro industry is already contributing to sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions in urban commuting. We can take this to the next level by enabling metro rail to have sustainable maintenance management practices and extending the life cycle of assets.

 Q.5. What are the major plans for metro rail customers and stakeholders?

We have a long pipeline of product offerings under development for the Metro rail industry. We see there is a tremendous opportunity to enable this industry with best-of-the-breed solutions. Our goal is always to provide cost-effective, indigenously developed solutions.

Q.6. Tell in brief about envision and your vision to customers.

Since its inception in 2006, Envision always focused on delivering more value for our customers. We continue to strive to keep up our commitment to our customer success.

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