First Steel Bridge Erected on Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project

NHSRCL erected the first Steel bridge for the MAHSR corridor across National Highway 53 in Surat.

First Steel Bridge Erected on Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project
First Steel Bridge Erected on Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project

AHMEDABAD (Metro Rail News): NHSRCL erected the first steel bridge for the MAHSR project on Friday. The bridge measures 70 meters in length, 12-14 meters in height, with a weight of 673 Metric Tonnes divided into 700 pieces. It has been installed near Kamrej Toll Pkaza on National Highway 53 in Surat city. 

A total number of 28 such bridges will be constructed in the project, which would go to about 70,000 MT running from 60 meters ‘simply supported’ to 130 + 100 meters continuous span. Out of 28 bridges, 17 will be installed in Gujarat, while the remaining 11 will be in Maharastra. 

“Steel bridges are most suitable for crossing Highways, Expressways and Railways lines. Unlike pre-stressed concrete bridges, spanning 40 to 45 meters, which are suitable for most sections, including river bridges. India has expertise in fabricating Steel bridges for heavy haul and semi-high-speed trains which run between 100 and 160 kmph., this is the first time, a Steel bridge to support a Shinkansen Bullet train running at a speed of 320 km per hour was fabricated and successfully launched with precision” the press release stated. 

The bridge was manufactured in a workshop in Hapur district near Delhi, which is 1200 Km away from the installation site. 

“Each production batch of steel was tested by Ultrasonic Testing (UT) at the manufacturer’s premises. The making of steel bridges undergoes high-tech and precise operations of cutting, drilling, welding and painting as per the design drawings prepared by Japanese engineers. The contractor is mandated to employ welders and supervisors certified by International Welding Experts. The welding process is also monitored by Japanese International Welding Experts (IWE) stationed at each workshop. Fabricated structure undergoes Check Assembly process. Then follows the sophisticated 5-layered painting of the steel structure,” the press release stated. 

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