Future of Indian Railways – National Rail Plan 2030

Achieve 100% electrification on all routes of Indian Railways by the year 2024.

Vande Bharat express
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Indian Railways have drafted a National Rail Plan (NRP) for India – 2030 with the purpose to make railway network in India future ready by 2030. The aim of this plan is to build capacities ahead of demand along with formulating strategies to increase the share of Indian Railways in freight traffic based on operational capacities and through policy initiatives.
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The major objectives of this plan are –

  • Increase the share of Railways in freight traffic from 27% at present to 45% and to sustain it.
  • Increase average speed of freight trains in India from 23 kmph at present to 50 kmph
  • Achieve 100% electrification on all routes of Indian Railways by the year 2024.
  • Upgrading speed on Delhi-Howrah and Delhi-Mumbai routes to 160 kmph and on all other Golden Quadrilateral-Golden Diagonal (GQ/GD) routes to 130 kmph.
  • Elimination of all Level Crossings on all GQ/GD route.
  • Identification of new Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFCs) and new High Speed Rail Corridors (HSR).
  • Construction of multi tracks on congested routes.
  • Assessing rolling stock requirement including locomotives, wagons and coaches for freight and passengers movement and to achieve twin objectives of 100% electrification and increasing freight share
  • Involvement of Private Sector in different areas of railway operations and rolling stock.
  • Development of freight and passenger terminals along with track infrastructure.

A large number of projects have already commenced under NRP and many are in the pipeline.


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