Good News for Chandigarh Residents as Chandigarh Metro Receives the Green Nod.

Chandigarh to get a robust metro transport System by 2037.

Chandigarh metro
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DELHI (Metro Rail News): There has been quite a buzz about the Chandigarh Metro, for which the discussions have been going from as early as 14 years. It is again creating a buzz because of the submission of the inception report by the RITES (Rail India Technical and Economic Service) to the Chandigarh administration. 

An inception report aims to acknowledge the mutual agreement of both parties on the timeline & plan of action suggested in order to conduct the evaluation. 

After 14 years of deliberations & discussions, the Chandigarh metro is about to get on its feet, with the first phase to cover 77 kms of distance spanning across 3 cities, namely Mohali, Chandigarh & Panchkula. That’s where it gets its name from, the Tricity Metro. In the first phase, the metro will be developed on three routes, namely: 

  1. Paroul, Sarangpur, ISBT Panchkula to Panchkula Extension (30 km)
  2. Rock Garden to ISBT Zirakpur via Industrial Area and Chandigarh Airport (34 km)
  3. Grain Market Chowk, Sector 39 to Transport Chowk, Sector 26 (13 km)

The 1st phase of the ambitious project will be developed from 2027-2037. 

Pradhuman Singh, Director, UT Transport, said, “We have received the inception report, and now RITES will give us a detailed presentation in a couple of days as to how they will go ahead with the alternative analysis report (AAR). Once the AAR is prepared, the DPR will follow.”

Chandigarh is in high need of a metro rail system because of several reasons that include 

  1. High Number of Vehicles on the Road. 
  2. Increasing Population around Chandigarh. 
  3. Growing Affluence & Investment in Chandigarh. 

With the hope of a Good Public Transport system, Chandigarh residents will be looking forward to the deployment of the metro service in the city.

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  1. why failed projects of one city does not make sense for the similar decisions in other cities. Free cycle project super flop all cycles in panchkula were taken broken and then same project launched in chandigarh for thieves to take away cycles on the cost of tax payers. Now how much pollution and congestion has delhi been freed from that this is being brought here???


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