Good News! MPMRCL Conducts First Safety Trial Run of Indore Metro

The Trial Run was Conducted Between Gandhi Nagar Depot and Super Corridor-03 Metro station.

Indore Metro Map
Map Depicting route and stations in the Indore Metro
InnoMetro 2024 Delegate Registration

INDORE (Metro Rail News): The first safety trial of the Indore Metro was conducted on 13th September, Wednesday from Gandhi Nagar to Super Corridor-03 metro station. It marks the preparation of trial runs to be conducted afterwards before the anticipated opening in May or June 2024.

The 31.3 Km Yellow Line of Indore Metro has 28 stations, including 21 elevated & 7 underground stations. It is being built at an estimated cost of Rs 7,500.80 Crores. Indore metro will initially have three metro coaches in a single train, with a peak hour frequency of 2 minutes. 

During the safety trial, the metro covered a distance of 5.9 Kms at a speed of 8-9 Km/hr. It was carrying 15 people, including technicians & engineers from the manufacturing company & the track staff. More trial runs will be conducted in the upcoming days before the formal opening. 

The development marks an important milestone in the Indore metro project, as the sentiments attached to the same are of high priority, and Madhya Pradesh enters into elections later this year. 


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