Chennai Metro to install “Green Boxes” at stations

Green Boxes Installation
Photo Copyrighted by CMRL

CHENNAI, INDIA (Metro Rail News): Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has decided to install “green boxes” of socio types areas of the shaded areas of the platform for generating more oxygen.

The green boxes have been placed on a sand-filled teary to collect excess water spillage into the platform. Lady Palm, Dwarf Umbrella Plant etc. have been planted in the green boxes, which helps in absorbing carbon dioxide and also purify the air in the station.

In addition to the above, several initiatives namely creating an ecological vibrant unit in the project area are being taken to have more greenery and a sustainable ecosystem.

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It will continuously help in minimising pollution and create a healthy environment for passengers. CMRL MD Pradeep Yadav along with senior officials inspected the new venture at Koyambedu Metro Station.



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