Hindalco Collaborates with Metra SpA to Provide Best-In-Class Coaches for Vande Bharat Express Trains

The collaboration aims to manufacture Aluminum rakes for Vande Bharat Sleeper Coaches.

Vande Bharat Train Running on Track
Vande Bharat Train/Representational image only

DELHI (Metro Rail News): Hindalco, the metals flagship company of Aditya Birla Group, signed a contract with Metra SpA, Italian Italian-based firm, a leading company in aluminum extrusion technology.  This comes at a time when Indian Railways is not only expanding its network across the nation but also planning to launch new trains for efficient and effective communication across the nation. 

With a heavy focus on modernisation and equipping the railways with next-level technology and infrastructure, the Indian Railways has undertaken several measures. It includes the upgradation of Railway Platforms, the Introduction of Vande Barat Traims etc. 

Hindalco, in collaboration with the Metra SpA, plans to invest Rs. 2,000 crore to develop coaches for the Vande Bharat Trains to ensure a wave of modern and convenient solutions to regular commutation and travelling needs. This Collaboration aims to make the makeover challenge undertaken by the Indian Railways more exciting and productive for the passengers of the Indian railways. 

This will get India into the group of nations that currently use Aluminum extrusion technology, which is limited to  Europe, China, Japan and a few other countries. 

“We are pleased to join forces with Metra to introduce a new era of aluminium extrusions for passenger trains in India,” said Mr Satish Pai, Managing Director of Hindalco Industries.

“Collaborating with Hindalco Industries presents an exciting opportunity to showcase the capabilities of our aluminium extrusion technology on a global stage,” Mr Enrico Zampedri, CEO of Metra SpA, stated enthusiastically. “Together, we are poised to redefine aluminium extrusions for high-speed train manufacturing in India, creating a fusion of strong Italian expertise in this field and Indian market knowledge.”

Aluminium coaches will prove to be the most beneficial for the Indian Railways, as Aluminium ensures reduced aerodynamic resistance, transmission loss and lower wear and tear to rolling stock along with efficiency that would make possible the speed of 200km/hr for vande Bharat. Currently, such technology is being used in the Metros. 

Additionally, Aluminium is the new Green metal as its acceptance is gradually increasing across the Globe because of its efficient operation due to its aerodynamic resistance. One rake of Aluminium can prevent over 14,500 tonnes of CO2 from entering the environment during its lifetime.

Initially, the Railways plans to use these coaches in the Vande Bharat Sleeper Version Trains only, but later on, expand it to other trains such as Rajdhani & Shatabdi Express.

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