Hitachi Rail Secures $200 Million Contract for Chennai Metro Phase 2 Digital Signalling System

Hitachi Rail signs INR 1,620 crore contract to install cutting-edge communication-based train control system for Chennai Metro Rail Project

Contract Signing- Chennai Metro & Hitachi Rail
Contract Signing- Chennai Metro & Hitachi Rail

CHENNAI (Metro Rail News): On March 15, 2023, Hitachi Rail signed a contract worth INR 1,620 crore (approximately $200 million USD) to deliver digital signalling for Phase 2 of the Chennai Metro Rail Project. The project will see the installation of cutting-edge communication-based train control (CBTC) system combined with Automatic TrainOperation (ATO) technology.

Improved Capacity and Reliability

The CBTC system will enable the train’s traction and braking to be automatically controlled, calculating the optimum speed, and allowing the trains to run at up to 90-second intervals. This will significantly increase the capacity and reliability of the services. Autonomous Train Operation Phase 2 trains will be equipped with ATO technology, allowing them to depart, run at optimum speeds, and brake automatically without needing a driver. This system will improve safety and result in significant maintenance savings. ATO technology will also be used at the depot and for passenger information and display systems.

Installation and Funding

The city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, will be served by the fourth longest metro system in India, on which the digital signalling system will be installed. Phase 2 of the project will include 119km of line, with 42km underground. The project is being funded by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). The contract will cover the design, supply, installation, manufacture, testing, and commissioning of the signalling, train control, and video management system.

Signalling control/Representational image
Signalling control/Representational image

Hitachi Rail’s Vision

With its expertise in transportation and technology, Hitachi Rail aims to digitize and optimize all aspects of public transportation. Integrating its advanced metro rail technology into Phase 2 of the Chennai Metro project can enhance capacity and ensure more seamless and dependable commutes for passengers. Hitachi Rail is also a world leader in autonomous and signalling technology and has successfully delivered many autonomous rail projects worldwide.


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