How to Cope Up with Boredom on a Long Train Journey

Resumption of metro services in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad
Resumption of metro services in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad

The trains are among the safest and reliable transportation channels in India for the journey. Whether you are on vacation with your family or a professional meeting, the train journey can be overwhelming. However, you can get bored on a long journey. You cannot have exciting 30-40 hours on the train. This is why you should do some activities to kill your boredom. There are many ways to deal with loneliness or boredom in a long train journey. Here, we have mentioned all the exciting activities to keep your enthusiasm up.

Look Forward and Enjoy Yourself

The eager eyes can have good entertainment in a long and short journey. If you look around, you will find a lot has been going on. You can look outside the windows thoughtlessly, letting the landscape go by, and enjoy the view. You can keep yourself entertained by making crazy plans for your trip in your mind or imagine how your destination would be like. Most people like the feeling of being out and about in the world, and the eagerness makes the journey pass twice as fast.

Watch Movies or Series

This is one of the most clichés, but an amazing way to cope with boredom while you are on a long journey. These days, there are several online streaming applications for smartphones. You can sign up for any of them and watch the latest movies. However, if you had some movies and series in your mind that you are longing to watch for many months, this is the right time. Just wear the earbud in your ear and immerse yourself in the cinematic world. You would complete a whole series, and your journey will get shorter without boredom.

Play Some Games

This is another activity that we frequently do in our free time. Whether we are waiting for a bus or waiting for our turn at the doctor, games are a great time pass. Thus, it would be best to play some games on your smartphone to have a good mood. There are lots of games on the App Store and Google Play Store for free. If you love real money games, you can play casino games. Betting on sports is also a great way to deal with boredom and infuse some entertainment into your journey. If you have no idea what it is, you can find information about sports betting here. You can bet on live sporting events, and if you have the right strategies, you can make a decent profit.

Read Books

Just like watching movies, reading books is another most common activity to deal with boredom in a long train journey. If you love reading books, then they must be in your bag like a first-aid box.  Many people lack time to read books that they wanted to read for a long time in their everyday lives. Thus, boredom on long journeys is the perfect reason to dedicate yourself to some good books. Reading books is not comfortable in a car or bus, but a train journey is perfect for reading your favorite books. Here, you can immerse yourself for hours between pages without the pressure of having to do anything else. Thus, reading books is a perfect way to slay your boredom.

Get in Touch with Fellow Travelers

Well, you are not the only person on the train who is getting bored. There are lots of fellow people who feel like locked in a tin box. Thus, it would be best for you to start a conversation with others. You may not make it for life, but such conversations can make nice contacts. Sometimes a conversation with strangers can make your journey more beautiful. There is actually never a shortage of topics to talk about if you find an extrovert person. And when was the last time you took the time to meet new people or chat with a stranger? So, just start a conversation at the right time. It is important to be open to your counterpart and not to be disappointed if he/she prefers to delve into a book. Then you try the next person.

Sleep and Relax the Body

Indian trains can be the best place to have some good sleep if you have a comfortable seat. Many of us don’t get enough sleep due to the hectic schedule of our daily life. Thus, it is important to take some quality rest at this time. Don’t stay awake too much to watch movies or read books. Whether you are on a vacation or professional meeting, you have t be prepared once you get off the train. Thus, relaxing your body by taking enough sleep could be the best idea on a long journey on a train.

Exercise or Some Physical Activity

Yes, you can do some exercises on your train journey. While you may be tied to a seat, exercise should not be neglected. Not only is movement extremely important on a long train journey, it just feels good too. We don’t recommend exercises that take too much space, but you can take a walk as Indian trains have a long walkway. You can also do some stretches so that you can have an active day.

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