Hyderabad Metro | HMRL reach new high in ridership 1.5 lakh take metro in single day

Increasing ridership in Hyderabad Metro
Increasing ridership in Hyderabad Metro

Hyderabad: It is time to pat Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL)’s back. The metro body has managed to encourage more commuters take metro rail. As per the latest release, over 1.5 lakh people travelled in Hyderabad Metro in one single day. This is one major feet by the metro body.

Their earlier record stated that over 92,000 metro commuters took this mass transit system in one single day. With the figures crossing over a lakh for a day, things are definitely looking upbeat for the metro body.

In a press release by the HMRL, NVS Reddy, managing director sharing the data informed that 580 trips were made against the daily 520 trips.

Reddy also adds that a significant progress was seen as users are now shifting from tokens to smart cards. As per the data the number of people using smart cards has gone up to 50%.

The release stated that increased patronage was attributed to better connectivity to Metro stations, availability of rent a bicycle /two- wheeler services at 15 Metro stations.

Another reason that led to an increase in patronage was availability of electric vehicles at Miyapur Metro station. It was in November last year when Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 30-km stretch between Miyapur and Nagole. The stretch has 24 metro stations. This stretch is part of the planned 72 km long elevated metro stretch.

In September, the Ameerpet-LB Nagar section is likely to be operational. Work on this stretch is almost complete and trials are going on. Looking at the progress, one expects this line to open for public soon.

With this stretch becoming functional, HMRL is expecting the daily ridership to increase. Commuters getting easy access to metro near their destination will frequently travel via this medium.


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