Hyderabad Metro | Work begins on Cyber Towers Metro route

Hi-Tech city to soon get a metro running through with construction work initiated HMRL

Hyderabad Metro
Photo Copyrighted: HMR

Hyderabad: Cyber Towers compound in the HiTech city of Hyderabad is partially demolished. This is to pave way for construction of two metro piers. Work on pillar one is going on, foundation for the other pillar has opened too. The construction for the same is expected to be wrapped up in three months.

Construction of piers at this stretch is a big challenge as Cyber Tower turn is steep. As per the current set up, one side there is a Cyber Tower and the other side there is flyover. Metro will have to pass between these two constructions. The metro needs to pass which has to be negotiated vigilantly for the left turn to be taken.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) had rounds of negotiations with representatives of Cyber Towers. Interestingly, the metro towers will be constructed closer to the footpath. No land will be acquired from Cyber Tower but both the piers will be built on its compound.

NVS Reddy, HMRL’s managing director assures to compensate Cyber Towers. The track way and compound wall of Cyber Towers is getting disturbed due to the construction. HMRL will restore it once the work is done. Metro track is laid out without acquiring land from them and metro will let Cyber Towers keep their land the way it is shares Reddy.

The other pier is stationed across the road. The metro will be crossing from the flyover. Given that cantilever will not be able to take the load and stress at the centre alone, a portal structure will be built. One column will be on the ramp of the flyover in centre, whereas the other at footpath. On the portal beam, the metro suspension bridge will run.

Reddy adds that they will widen the flyover’s ramp portion on both sides initially. The column will be installed in the middle of the flyover.
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The entire construction is done carefully given the fact it is challenging engineering structure. Reddy says that subsequent to it a few metres, the piers will come into the central median.

Preparatory work has stated at the flyover and technical measurement taken. The piers at Cyber Towers will be wrapped in three months time. Given the traffic situation, HMRL will be constructing one pillar at a time. At present the U-turn at Raheja has been blocked to facilitate to the Metro works.  The other U-turn is just ahead of biodiversity junction.


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